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Professional Contacts — White Collar/Leverage, Neal Caffrey/Alec Hardison, R-rated, ~2300 words, posted 22 December 2010 (sequel to The Anonymous Tip Job)
Neal stuck his hand in his pocket and came to stand next to him, looking out at the New York night. "It doesn't have to be complicated."

It Could Be Sweet (like a long forgotten dream) — Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, R-rated, ~3300 words, posted 21 December 2010
Five times Elizabeth didn't seduce Neal Caffrey.

The Anonymous Tip Job — White Collar/Leverage, gen, G-rated, 1915 words, posted 11 December 2010
It was too nice a day to be cooped up in the car for long, and Neal knew from experience that if he loitered on the sidewalk, there was a good chance a timely piece of evidence—or a fleeing suspect—would come his way.

Heisenberg's Mirror — post-Neal/Kate, pre-Neal/Peter(/El), crack, G-rated, 2,200 words, posted 7 December 2010
Someone in New York is using Neal's alias.

What color was the mockingbird? — gen with hints of Neal/Peter/El UST, crack, G-rated, 2,300 words, posted 5 December 2010
Tag to 2.09. Mozzie visits Neal in the middle of the night

The Substance of Things Hoped For — Peter/Neal, Peter/Elizabeth, PG-rated, 2,400 words, posted 30 November 2010
Angsty kisses.

Roses and Restraints - Mozzie/Neal, PG-rated, 2225 words, posted 17 November 2010
"I know, I know," said Mozzie soothingly. "You're looking for someone to rebound onto. Someone you know. Someone safe. I get it. How about Alex?"

Plain Gray Walls — Jones, Neal, G-rated, 1100 words, posted 14 November 2010
Jones, Neal and a game of backgammon. Set during 2.01.

Off the Record - Neal & Elizabeth gen, G-rated, 1100 words, posted 9 November 2010
Elizabeth leaned forward. "So, tell me everything. Have you ever been to an event at the Tate?"

The More Things Change — June & Neal, G-rated, 390 words, posted 4 November 2010
June introduces Neal to her sister.

Bodies of Evidence — Peter & Neal (Neal/Mozzie implied), G-rated, 690 words, posted 2 November 2010
The FBI wants Neal's pants.

Hidden - gen/pre-Elizabeth/Peter/Neal, 630 words, posted 24 October 2010
More of a random scene than a ficlet. Peter looked at El. "Two people have died for whatever's in this purse. We need to know why."

Monday Morning and Lunch at Montebello — Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, PG-13, 630 + 820 words, schmoopy dating fic, posted 12 October 2010
Neal sauntered in at a quarter past eight with his hat at a rakish angle and a self-satisfied air. He came and lounged in Peter's doorway. "Sunflowers and chocolates? You shouldn't have."

The New Girl — Alex, Kate, gen, G-rated, 610 words, posted 17 October 2010
"That guy there," said Alex, pointing discreetly. "It's easy. You just have to distract him while I lift his room key from his pocket, and then keep him talking for about twenty minutes."

Coming and Going — Diana, Lauren, gen, G-rated, 680 words, posted 17 October 2010
The woman's handshake was firm and brief. "Agent Lauren Cruz. I think you're getting my desk."

The Favor — pre-Neal/Elizabeth/Peter, G-rated, 2,640 words, posted 15 October 2010
Elizabeth started unwinding her scarf but seemed to lose track of it halfway through. "I did something stupid, something I can't tell Peter, and—" She winced a little. "Help?"

Adonis — pre-Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, PG-rated, 2,900 words in three parts, posted 14 October 2010
Mix'n'match AU of 2.02. "Ten thousand in cash," said Neal without missing a beat.

An Unexpected Ally — Peter, Mozzie, G-rated, 510 words, posted 12 October 2010
Missing scene from 2.02. Mozzie watched the GPS map in the Taurus slide down the screen as the Suit drove them back to the city.

Monday Morning — Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, G-rated, 630 words, posted 12 October 2010
Neal sauntered in at a quarter past eight with his hat at a rakish angle and a self-satisfied air. He came and lounged in Peter's doorway. "Sunflowers and chocolates? You shouldn't have."

Resistance — Neal, Peter, Elizabeth, G-rated, 640 words, posted 11 October 2010
Episode tag for 2.09. There were a lot of reasons to hate Peter.

If I were a girl — Neal/Peter, NC-17, 2,300 words, posted 28 September 2010
Set after 2.07. Neal fantasizes about Peter.

Scenes from a Very Bad Day — gen, Peter, Neal, Elizabeth, G-rated crack, 2,050 words, posted 15 September 2010
Everyone shrinks.

Because the night belongs to us — Neal/Peter, Peter/Elizabeth, NC-17, 6,800 words, posted 13 September 2010
Peter tapped his pen against the blotter and let himself wonder, for just a moment, where Neal's cover ended. Whether the declarations of love were calculated, whether his body could lie—

A Suitably Cautious Approach — Mozzie, Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, G-rated, 1100 words, posted 9 September 2010
Mozzie looked from her to the Suit—who was clearly even more embarrassed by the situation than Mozzie was, which helped Mozzie's composure considerably—and then back to Neal. "Really?"
Neal gave a small, immodest shrug and walked over to stand between them.

Two Sides, One Coin — gen, Neal-Peter UST, G-rated, 940 words, posted 31 August 2010
Usually Neal reveled in Peter's attention, but even he knew you could have too much of a good thing. / Spoilers up to 2.07.

The Love Nest — Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, NC-17, schmoop/porn, 17,600 words, posted 30 August 2010
Neal came into Peter's office and closed the door after him. He seemed pensive. "Um, Peter?"
"What?" Peter looked up, caught himself blushing, and looked back down at his paperwork. "What is it?"
"Your wife just asked me out on a date," said Neal.

Butterfly Kiss — Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, PG, time travel, 6,700 words, posted 5 August 2010
A different future isn't necessarily a worse one. –Neal Caffrey

The Corner of Elk and Chambers — gen, g-rated, spoilers up to 2.03, 800 words, posted 31 July 2010
Episode tag for 2.03.

The Rehabilitated Con Con — Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, NC-17, 21,600 words, posted 29 July 2010
Neal's curiosity is piqued when he meets an old friend of Peter's.

Undercover — Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, NC-17, 22,800 words, posted May-June 2010
Two straight guys walk into a gay bar... Some clichιs, some angst, some relationship negotiation.

Never Happened and Never Happened Next — Peter/Elizabeth, Peter/Neal, Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, Neal/Kate, Neal/Ray Kowalski, NC-17, 27,500 words, posted 8 May 2010
A drunken first kiss, and its three possible sequels. Warning for angst.

Separately and Together — Neal/Elizabeth in the context of Neal/Elizabeth/Peter, NC-17, 5,600 words, posted 22 July 2010
He smiled hopefully at her. "Be my alibi?"

From Moment to Moment — Peter/Elizabeth/Neal, PG-13, 1150 words, posted 19 July 2010
For the prompt: inappropriate anniversaries.

A Territorial Dispute — pre-Elizabeth/Peter/Neal, G-rated, 1000 words, posted 16 July 2010
"Stop kidding around and give me my wallet, before I send you back to prison."

Flash — Peter/Neal in the context of Peter/Neal/Elizabeth, R-rated, 1630 words, posted 16 July 2010
"You look predatory," says Neal, studying the display on the back of the camera. The corner of his mouth curls, and he looks up to meet Peter's eye. "Want something?"

Satchmo Burke, Wonder Dog — Elizabeth/Peter, PG-13, 1890 words, posted 14 July 2010
Right from the start, Elizabeth knew that Peter should never have fallen in love with her.

Keeping Secrets — June/Alex pre-slash, PG-rated, 1260 words, posted 3 July 2010
June and Alex examine the music box. / Missing scene from 1.14.

And now for something completely different — some gen, some Peter/Neal/Elizabeth, G-rated, crack, 1100 words, posted 25 May 2010
Five bite-sized flavours of the kind of crack.

Taking on Caffrey — gen, AU, G-rated, 1300 words, posted 18 May 2010
Mix 'n' match AU of the pilot.

An Honest Man — Neal, Peter, UST, PG-rated, 250 words, posted 22 April 2010
They say you can't con an honest man.

Don't Kill the Messenger (he's already dead) — White Collar/Due South crossover, Mozzie gen, G-rated, 1540 words, posted 10 April 2010
Mozzie turned slowly. A bright red uniform with riding boots and a wide-brimmed hat sat down beside him, and the gray-haired guy inside it looked at him with interest.

Five Kisses That Never Happened — Peter/Neal, PG-13, 2450 words, posted 13 Nov 2009
Five first kisses. Warnings for crack, angst and fluff.

You Don't Know My Name — Peter/Neal (some Peter/Elizabeth), NC-17, 2900 words, posted 12 Jan 2010
Peter takes the phone upstairs and changes into jeans and a sweater. If he's doing this, he can't be Agent Peter Burke.

Recreational Flirting — Elizabeth/Peter/Neal, NC-17, 6400 words, posted 6 Feb 2010
Right up until a quarter of one on November 13, Elizabeth prided herself on not falling for Neal Caffrey.

Paws! — gen/pre-Elizabeth/Peter/Neal, G-rated, 4770 words, fluffy crack, posted 11 Feb 2010
Peter's attention was on the kitten. It was small and black, with white whiskers, white paws and a small white bib on its chest. Its wide blue eyes were fixed on Peter. And it was wearing a collar with a blinking green light.

Out of the Question — gen, G-rated, 870 words, posted 1 Mar 2010
"So, there's the Ghost, the Dutchman, the Maven, Slippery Caesar," said Neal, casually. "Did you have an epithet for me?"

Medicinal — gen, PG-13, 1655 words, posted 10 Mar 2010
Elizabeth decides Neal needs a hug.

Unofficial Surveillance — Elizabeth/Peter/Neal, PG-13, 3450 words, posted 19 Mar 2010
What's a little surveillance between friends?

Reasonable Doubt 'verse — 46,000 words, NC-17, Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, complete

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  19. As Time Goes By (the usual suspects) (epilogue)

Due South and other fandoms fic

10 reasons to hate Ray Kowalski (by Raymond Vecchio) — Kowalski/Vecchio, 100k, posted here 1 January 2006
"He lived my life for two years. How much closer do you want?"

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 5k, posted 14 July 2006
Turnbull's help is unappreciated.

Alone Together — Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 9k, posted 17 June 2006
Smut and puppies.

The Art of Far and Near — Fraser/Vecchio, PG-13, 11k, posted 30 August 2007
"What's going on?" Fraser asked.
Ray led Fraser around the side of the house. "I lost Frida Kahlo."

The Art of Losing — NC-17, Vecchio/various, 20k, 3 December 2004
Post-CoTW. Everyone is fucked up.

Asylum Redux (Who's gonna ride your wild horses) — Kowalski/Volpe, F/K, NC-17, 32k, post-Asylum, posted 31 August 2007
"You wearing a wire?" Volpe asked, and his voice was low now, like sex and temptation, like all the things Ray knew he shouldn't want.

Asylum's End — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 7k, 4 January 2005, Asylum episode tag
As a rule, it takes Fraser 27 seconds to shower, and an additional 82 seconds to dry and dress.

Awfully Fond of You — Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 33k, crack!PWP, posted 23 November 2005
The one with the duck.

Bad Habits — Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 7k, posted 12 April 2006, Badfic Challenge, warnings: blasphemy, sacrilegious sex, deliberate badfic
Seven of the nuns took Constable Benton Fraser and his blonde partner, Detective Ray Kowalski, CPD, down into the bowels of the church.

Brave and Crazy — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 9k, posted 22 October 2006
"So, Fraser," he said out of the blue, "you ever have movies of people in your head?"

Breakaway — ReGenesis, David Sandstrom/Danny Dexter, NC-17, 15k, posted 5 April 2009
A string of girlfriends and hockey groupies came and went, and Danny tried to treat them right, but by twenty-two he and David were a habit — irregular, casual, addictive. It was hard for anyone else to measure up.

Breaking the Shell — Fraser/Vecchio, PG-13, 16k, posted 3 September 2007
"I know, Benny. You're superman and you can regenerate your limbs overnight. I got it. Just humor me, okay? It's not like I have anything better to be doing tonight."

Burning Down the House deleted scene — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 4k, posted 25 November 2004
Fraser lifted his chin and looked Ray right in the eye. "Ray Vecchio would," he said.

By Any Other Name — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 7k, posted 26 September 2006
Ray tapped his spoon against his plate, and then leaned forward and blinked up at him. "What is this, Fraser?"
Fraser glanced from Ray's oddly intense expression to the tip of his spoon. "It's a date, Ray."

Canoes and Taxidermy — Fraser/Kowalski, Kowalski/Vecchio, Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, NC-17, 32k, 30 May 2005
They all needed each other.

Carousel — Kowalski/Vecchio, Stella, G-rated, 11k, 15 June 2009
"I mean, maybe someone's messed with the water supply at the station, but I don't see Jack and Dewey playing tonsil hockey, so—"

Ceci est une pipe — Fraser/Kowalski, PG-rated, 11k, posted 26 October 2006
"Ray, whenever you get around to taking that out of your mouth, we need to have a little chat."

Champions — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 8k, posted 16 July 2006
"What?" said Dewey, raising his hands defensively. "It's not like it's a secret. They're all over each other."

Closer to Fine — Kowalski/Vecchio, NC-17, 11k, 20 May 2005
If you're gonna have a first time, you have to wonder if Kowalski is the guy to do it.

Confirmation Bias — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 38k, posted 16 October 2007
Fraser and Frannie avert a miscarriage of justice.

Constellations — Fraser/Vecchio, PG-rated, 12k, posted 18 April 2008
"No, no, no!" said Ray, firmly, definitely, knowing he was going to lose but determined to go down fighting. "I am not sharing a motel room with the human B-movie plot generator. He can sleep in his stupid van."

Conviction — Fraser/Vecchio, PG, 32k, posted 30 January 2006
Ray was forced to admit that not only did he have a type that included guys but, even worse, he had the same taste in guys as his little sister Frannie.

Correspondence — Fraser/Kowalski, G, 8k, 31 October 2004
Dear Ray, I hope this letter finds you well.

Crazy — Fraser/Kowalski, 18K, 28 August 2005
"I'm afraid I have a—a confession to make."

Crossed Paths — Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, G-rated, 8k, posted 11 June 2008
On some peculiarities in the trading practices of northmen.

Cryptonomicon — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 32k, 17 February 2005
"You're all free to leave," the doctor told Welsh. "Go home and rest. The only proviso is that Constable Fraser should avoid putting any strain on his vocal cords for forty-eight hours."

The Dark Side is Sparkly — popslash, 'Nsync, JC/Chris, R, 27k, posted 11 June 2006, crack
"They're just 14 year old girls," JC tried to reassure him, but it was totally unconvincing.
"They're demons, man," Chris told him. "Didn't you see their eyes?"

Daytona Beach, FL. — Kowalski/Vecchio, NC-17, 27k, 19 May 2005
When it came down to it, I was keeping us secret, too.

Downstairs bathroom, Vecchio house — Kowalski/Vecchio, PG-13, 3k, posted 19 March 2007
Maybe Ray can't keep his hands off Kowalski, but that's no reason to be a dumbass.

A Duty of Care — G, Thatcher/Turnbull pre-het, 4K
Inspector Thatcher scrambled to her feet, hastily shoving a desk drawer shut in the process. Spots of color bloomed on her cheeks. There was no sign of Constable Fraser.

Elephant — Kowalski/Vecchio, PG, 8k, 11 June 2009
"Listen, I've been through half a dozen partners since Fraser left. You're the only one I can stand who can put up with me. Just ignore the elephant in the room, okay? There is no elephant."

The Elevator Diaries — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 2 August 2004
Vignettes in elevators, just how it sounds.

Every Beautiful Thing — Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 20k, posted 17 May 2006
Ray and Fraser's date is interrupted by a pretty blonde.

Every Sperm Line is Sacred (a song) — fandom meta, 4k, posted 1 June 2009
Every line is sacred / Virtuous and svelt / Then you find a fandom / That makes your lines all melt

Everybody Knows — Kowalski/Vecchio pre-slash, G-rated, 9k, posted 6 April 2008
"It's not about leagues," Kowalski said, when they veered back together. "Adele is never gonna date you because everyone in this station thinks we're doing it. What kind of girl's going to sign up to be your smoke-screen?"

Exhibition — Fraser/Vecchio, PG, 12k, posted 13 June 2009
"You want evidence?" asked Ray. "She's crazy and she hates me. Look around! She's painted me dying all kinds of gruesome, violent deaths."

Falling For You — Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 22k, posted January 2005
Ray is lying, semi-clothed, on cushions on the floor at Fraser's request.

Feels Like Home — Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, R-rated, 34k, posted 18 November 2008
"If I didn't know any better," I said evenly, "I'd say you had a thing for my boyfriend."

the fell of dark, not day — Buck/Bob, G-rated, 7k, posted 10 July 2008
Buck woke with a fart.

The Fifth Teletubby — Fraser/Kowalski, G, 8k, posted 4 May 2005
Ray shoved his glasses on his nose, whipped his gun out of its holster, and aimed it at Laa-laa.

Fireside — Fraser/Kowalski, G-rated, 8k, posted 22 February 2009
Ray's quiet, hunched in on himself. Fraser can almost see the storm clouds gathering, so he picks up the logbook and records that too. Outlook uncertain. Find shelter.

The First Nine Lives of a Houseplant — Fraser/Vecchio/Elaine, PG-13, 29k, posted 24 December 2008
"You may want to take out some plant insurance," said Ray. "That thing's jinxed."

Five Fraser/Kowalski Kisses — Fraser/Kowalski, R-rated, 4k, posted 4 February 2006
Fraser licked into Ray's mouth, and Ray felt the laughter dissolve into his bloodstream, little bubbles of hysteria and happiness.

five Hard Core Logo drabbles — NC-17, Billy/Joe, 4k, February 2005
5 x 100-word fucked-up stand-alone ficlets.

Five Kowalski/Vecchio Kisses — Kowalski/Vecchio, R, 6k, posted 6 February 2006
Five Ray/Ray kisses for Pearl_O's Five Kisses meme.

Five things that are better with Fraser in the mix — Kowalski/Vecchio, Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, NC-17, 20k, posted 18 August 2007
"It's all a matter of rewards," Kowalski explained, taking Ray's hands and putting them on his own hips. "With you—you reward bad behavior." He leaned in and kissed Ray, dark and hot. "It gets you going. But Fraser here, Fraser rewards good behavior."

Five Times Fraser Said No — Fraser/Kowalski,PG, 6k, posted 15 August 2007
He looked at Fraser. "You want a beer?"

Fizz — Fraser/Kowalski, PG-13, 15k, posted 7 April 2008
The real, niggly truth of the matter was that Ray had a hunch about Fraser and Vecchio, but it wasn't the kind of thing you could just come right out and ask.

Flood — Fraser/Kowalski, PG-rated, 19k, posted 12 April 2008
It was raining like the end of the world and blowing a gale on top of that, so Ray wasn't thrilled about putting recently arrested, rain-soaked Sinclair Ross into the back of the GTO.

For Better, For Worse — Kowalski/Vecchio, 30k, mpreg, for aerye, posted 25 December 2005
"I can't believe you called little Stanley a tumor!" said Vecchio, handing over his shopping bags.
Ray scowled. "Would you quit calling it Stanley?!"

Four Things Joe Found Out, and One He Didn't — Hard Core Logo, Joe/various, Billy/various, Joe/Billy, R, 20k, posted 31 January 2007
Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, violence, angst, more angst.

Fundamental Things — Fraser/Vecchio, PG-13, 17k, posted 29 March 2008
"Of all the gin joints in town, you had to pick this one?" / Fraser scratched his eyebrow ruefully. "It's the only one we've found that will serve wolves."

Ghostwritten — Kowalski/Vecchio, G-rated, 8k, posted 9 April 2008
Kowalski advanced on him and dropped the book onto Ray's desk with a thump. The embossed title, Ten Ways to Freeze to Death by R. Kowalski, glinted under the bullpen's fluorescent lights.

Gloria (are the voices in your head) — Fraser, Kowalski (Fraser/Vecchio implied), G-rated, 8k, posted 16 August 2008, part of the Gloriaverse
She bent her head so her blonde synthetic hair swung forward, obscuring her adam's apple, and all Fraser could see was Gloria in the same predicament, trapped in a police station with an unsympathetic interrogator.

Gloria (be careful not to show it) — Fraser/Vecchio, R, 25k, posted 2 May 2007, part of the Gloriaverse
"Looking after me, Benny?" Ray said it lightly as he started the car, his eyes already on the road ahead.
Fraser swallowed. "Always." He looked out the window at the houses they were passing, small bathroom windows illuminated in the morning dusk, rolled up newspapers in the neat yards. "If you'll let me."

Gloria (don't believe it's coming back soon) — Fraser/Vecchio, references to other pairings, PG, 18k, posted 25 May 2009, part of the Gloriaverse
"Is it weird for you? You know, going to bed with Gloria, waking up with me. That bother you?"

Gloria (feel your innocence slippin' away) — Fraser/Kowalski/Gloria, NC-17, 15k, posted 23 December 2006, part of the Gloriaverse
She was a girl and not a girl, Vecchio and not Vecchio, and for a second when he looked at her, Ray's world swung wide because he was starting to feel things—like under all the makeup and the wig and the dress there was a person he cared about, a person who wasn't Vecchio but nearly.

Gloria (how's it gonna go down?) — Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, R-rated, 19k, posted 2 April 2008, part of the Gloriaverse
"I'm just saying—" He sat up. "Your father dies, that's a big thing. It changes you."

Gloria (the alias that you've been living under) — Fraser/Vecchio, NC-17, 26k, posted 8 September 2006 for Mergatrude, part of the Gloriaverse
"I met some of the girls when I was working Vice, and finally realized I could do whatever I wanted." She pressed her lips together. "How did you find out?"

Gloria (will you catch him on the rebound?) — Kowalski/Vecchio, R, 15k, posted 18 February 2007, part of the Gloriaverse
Kowalski let Ray into the Goat and slid into the driver's seat. "So," he said, resting his hands on the steering wheel. "You, uh, you used to do that? The makeup and the dresses—"

Gloria (you really don't remember) — Vecchio/Kowalski, Fraser/Vecchio, PG-13, 29k, posted 14 January 2008, part of the Gloriaverse
"Ray?" said Fraser's small tinny voice. "What's wrong? Where are you?"
Ray hung up, dropped the phone on the couch beside him and covered his face with his hands. He couldn't lose it. He was the one holding everything together now.

Gloria (you're always on the run now) — Fraser/Vecchio, G, 16k, posted 15 April 2007, part of the Gloriaverse
"It could be me, Benny." His voice was dull even to his own ears. "Last night, next Tuesday—they bust the club and I get caught with someone else's purse. Or someone spreads rumors and Gloria goes down on suspicion." He rubbed his eyes with shaking hands. "No protection, no lawyer, no one I could call—"

Good Intentions — Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, R, 15k, posted 3 April 2009
"Interestingly enough, comedic references to flatulence date back to Sumerian times."

Green Suede Boots — Frannie, Fraser/Kowalski, G, 20k, posted 9 January 2006
Being subtle isn't getting me anywhere, so I think I'll try the straight forward approach. I'll just ask. Here I am, pulling thirty. I'm single, I got no kids and, hey, if you call being a Civilian Aide a career, I'll call you a taxi. I gotta do something.

Hanging — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 11k, 24 December 2004
Maybe he'd died and in heaven all the angels were dressed like Mounties.

Hearing Voices — Fraser/Kowalski, G, 10k, posted 25 May 2006
"It's going to rain." Quinn shot him a sly glance. "The trees told me."

Hearts and Flowers — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 2 August 2004, DVD commentary
For three weeks I was like a kid pulling the petals off of a daisy: I tell him, I tell him not.... trying to decide whether to tell Fraser I love him...

House Rules — Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, PG-rated, 9k, posted 15 April 2006
"Jesus," said Ray, walking around the couch to stand in front of them. "You guys fucked without me."

Hypothetical — Fraser/Kowalski, PG-rated, 5k, posted 3 August 2006
"Hey, Fraser," Ray whispered into Fraser's ear. "What if those guys threatened to kill us unless we had sex?"

I Find Myself in You — Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, NC-17, 30k, posted 29 January 2008
Someone's gotta invent a new kind of leave for this kind of thing.

I love you without knowing how — Fraser/Kowalski, PG-13, 10k, 2 February 2005, Necking challenge
"It's what I want," I murmured in your ear, meaning every word. "An hour. Give me an hour of kisses."

In a vast open territory with no distinguishing landmarks — Kowalski/Huey, R, 83k, 18 August 2009
Kowalski shifted in his seat a couple of times. He wasn't settled back into Chicago yet, Welsh had said when he took Jack aside. Take it easy on him. Give him time. Welsh wasn't known to be a soft touch, but he'd always had a good word for Kowalski. That used to piss Jack off when he and Tom were partners, but maybe it'd work to his advantage now.

Incidental — Fraser-Kowalski gen, G, 9k, posted 21 January 2007
"Jeez, how many times have we had this conversation and it always ends the same way! I say movie, you say book, you get all smug and think you're right because of some God-given majesty of the written fucking word."

Ink — Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, NC-17, 19k, posted 17 April 2006
Fraser turned back the bedcovers and lay down, his skin pale and pink against the navy sheets. He rested his cheek on his hands and watched with big eyes as Vecchio opened the bag and spilled pens onto the bed beside him.

The In-Laws — Fraser/Vecchio, Tony POV, G-rated, 6k, posted 17 October 2006
Tony's in-laws were some prize fruitloops.

Interference — Fraser/Kowalski, G-rated, 16k, posted 22 February 2008
I shifted nervously in my seat. "I want a lawyer," I said. "One will be appointed to me, right? Even though I'm not a U.S. citizen? I want one, please."

Interlude — Fraser/Smithbauer post-slash, PG-rated, 9k, posted 18 April 2009
"Can we please stop talking about my grandmother?"

Interrupted — Fraser/Kowalski, G, 6k, posted 12 July 2006
"Hey," said Johnny, like he'd just had another one of his genius ideas, "what're you guys doing lurking down here in this alley, anyway?"

The Invitation — Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, NC-17, 52k, posted in April 2008
"This isn't cool, Fraser. This is not cool. You want kinky stuff, you pick someone up in a bar or you call a pro. You don't ask your best friend."

It's Only Fair — R, Frannie/Stella, 23 August 2004
Frannie sat down next to her on the edge of the bed. "Fraser said Ray told you about them, and I thought maybe you might want—company."

Joking — Kowalski/Vecchio, PG-13, 11k, DS/BtVS crossover, crack, posted 4 November 2007
Q. Why did Kowalski cross the road? A. Turns out he apprehended some perp called Rayne, professional troublemaker, and Rayne hit him with the hetero stick or something.

Just Desserts — Fraser/Stella, Post-CotW, 46K, 18 August 2005
The silence had stretched too long, and Fraser was unsure how to break it. A caribou tale would hardly be appropriate, and he doubted she was interested in anecdotes regarding the First Nations people of the far north.

Knowing Me, Knowing You — Kowalski/Vecchio, 15k, 27 June 2005
"You wanna talk to yourself, Vecchio? Don't you know that's crazy?"

La Langue de l'Amour (The Language of Love) — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 9k, 14 February 2005 (English translation)
"Salut, Ray," said Frannie, when he walked in the station, "Eh, on dirait que tu t'es fait passer dessus par un camion!"

Leaving Normal — Fraser/Kowalski, R, 20k, 23 November 2004, cover by dar_jeeling 12 Sept 2006
Working with Fraser is like working in a cartoon.

Let Me In — Kowalski/Vecchio, 14k, R, posted 8 January 2006
Ray keeps Vecchio waiting.

Licked — Fraser/Kowalski, 5k, posted 7 December 2004
"Fraser, you gotta ask before you lick someone."

Lies, Neckties, and Ballistics — Fraser/Kowalski, 39k, posted 4 May 2006
"No, really, Fraser. What's with the lack of firepower? You looking for early retirement via the graveyard?"

Light Enough to Travel — Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 7k, posted 21 October 2006
Ray bit Fraser's shoulder lightly, then kissed his cheek. "You know, I just can't figure why someone would want to live there in all that snow and dark. It sounds like hell."

loneliness, it's such a waste of time — PG, 10k, 26 April 2005
Scene from an 80s dance movie.

Louis of the Night — Kowalski/Gardino AU of shaaaaame, NC-17, 11k, posted 23 April 2008
"Thirty for a blowjob, fifty for a fuck," said the guy, sounding bored. "This your first time?"

Mail Order — Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 14k, 17 April 2005
The package was on the table when Ray got home.

Making Good Use of the Things That We Find — PG-13, muppet/womble

Making Peace — Fraser/Kowalski, G, 12k, 22 December 2004
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the Mountie walking toward her and, God, there was something about him—maybe the uniform—that made her want to litter or jaywalk, or smash respectable mailboxes with a baseball bat.

Making Up Is Hard To Do — Fandom/LJ anthropomorfic, NC-17 het, kink, 16k, posted 2 June 2007
LJ leaned in the doorway, quietly watching, as Fandom slammed her way around the kitchen, thwacking her coffee mug down on the counter and twisting the faucet too hard so that water sploshed everywhere—including all down the front of her blouse.

Making Way — Fraser/Bruce Spender (Fraser/Kowalski pre-slash), PG-rated, 23k, posted 20 April 2008
I resisted taking his hand or any other demonstrative greeting. I simply put my hat on the hospital cabinet beside his bed and pulled up a chair. "I've had amnesia myself, you know."

Maple-Syrup Man — Frannie/Turnbull, PG-13, 17k, posted 11 April 2008, genderfuck
Frannie lay in Renfield Turnbull's bed with her head on one of his Canada flag pillowcases, and listened to the sleet pelting the window.

Mission Impossible — Kowalski, post-CotW, post-slash, 8k, 7 June 2005, sequels: you are not me, the lengths that I will go to
"We need a Mountie."

The Morning After — Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, G-rated, 4k, posted 22 April 2006
"Oh Jesus." Vecchio covered his eyes. "Wolf fur everywhere!"

Mosaic, Piece by Piece — Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, NC-17, 143k, posted 24 December 2007
There was a world of difference between going to see your best friend and his partner for a three-week vacation in the snowy wilds of Canada on the one hand, and going to stay with your ex — the guy you never really got over even after two years in the desert and one year at the beach in Florida — on the other.

Moving Out — Fraser/Kowalski, Bob Fraser, G-rated, 7k, posted 25 October 2006
The female half of the blatantly eavesdropping gray-haired couple nodded enthusiastically. "Welcome to the Post Mortem chapter of PFLAG,"she said.

The New Guy — gen, Huey POV, G-rated, 7k, posted 5 December 2006
The new guy cornered Jack at his desk. "What about this guy, the Mountie guy — Fraser?" he asked, glancing around to make sure no one was listening."What's he like?"

New House — Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 17k, posted 23 January 2006
So last night I dreamed there was an early episode of Due South where Fraser inherited a big house from an old lady he'd helped.

New Leaves — Fraser/Kowalski, R, 10k, posted 18 July 2006
There was so much written on Fraser's face, Ray thought maybe he could write it all down and turn it into an encyclopedia.

Next of Kin — PG13, Fraser-Stella, preslash F/K, 16 August 2004, Not a death fic
It should have been her loss, her grief, but here was Fraser, visibly distraught and moving towards her as though he didn't know what else to do.

Next Time, Bring Beer — PG, Kowalski/Gardino, 4K
The blonde gives him the once over. It's obvious she's noticed his scuffed shoes, the fact he isn't wearing a tie. She doesn't look at his face, which is just as well. She folds her arms and calls over her shoulder, "Ra-ay! There's some guy here to see you."

Nice Pile of Rocks — Kowalski/Fraser, Kowalski/Vecchio, 11k, 21 June 2005
Um. Ray and Ray fuck on Fraser's grave. Sorry.

Not Exactly Kubrick — Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 18k, posted 3 September 2006
For the Get Fraser Laid challenge. The prompt was, "They watch the porn tape they made (double points for having them get it on while watching the tape)." I get double points.

The Not-NeverLand Quartet — Fraser/Vecchio/Elaine/Kowalski, NC-17, 78k, posted 7 January 2009
"You guys do realize we're adults, right? And you know I'm not Wendy — or Tinkerbell either, for that matter — so it's not my job to clean up after you all."

Not My Kind of Girl — Fraser/Vecchio, PG-13, 13k, posted 8 June 2009
Ray tried not to blush at the fact that Fraser was now picturing him dressed up like a transvestite hooker. "It was just once, okay? I'm never doing it again, so don't worry — your bid for Miss Cross-Dresser Chicago's gonna go uncontested this year."

Not Ready — Kowalski/Vecchio, R, 6k, posted 14 April 2006
"What we do, that's between us. No one else needs to know."

Nothing But Truth — Fraser/Kowalski, G-rated, 14k, posted 29 January 2008
Ray folded his arms and considered Fraser. "You know what I think? I think you need to try the bad cop routine. It's a — think of it like a survival skill."

Of Crime and Passion — Fraser/Kowalski, 10k, posted 9 June 2009
It was Ray's thirty-fifth birthday, and if there was one thing he was determined to do to celebrate, it was to hit on Fraser.

One Full Day of Empty Threats — Fraser/Kowalski, 16k, posted 9 October 2005
If Fraser's gonna kiss anyone, it ought to be one of the good guys.

Open Mike Night — Frannie, G-rated, 7k, posted 21 April 2009
"So, uh, this is my first time." Her voice came out clear and smooth this time. She couldn't see past the blinding pink stage light, but she tucked her hair behind her ear and told herself to be brave.

Pep Talk — Fraser/Vecchio, G-rated, 6k, posted 15 July 2006
Dief flicked his ear back and snapped at the air. Everything smelled of dust and ink and plastic.
"Yes, I know what you'd do," Ben told him, "and it's no help whatsoever. Humans simply do not sniff each other's rears."

Picture of You — Fraser/Vecchio, PG-rated, 10k, posted 28 October 2006
"Yeah, Benny," Ray told him. "I have a black and red birthmark shaped like a Mountie and a wolf. That's why I didn't become a stripper when I had the chance."

Play Pretend — G, 9k, 24 January 2005, Warning: due South RPS
The problem with acting is you have to tell the truth.

Pornography — Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 133k, posted 26 November 2009
When word gets out that Fraser has a porn collection, Canada is disgraced, Fraser's embarrassed and Ray nearly dies of curiosity.

Precipice — Kowalski/Vecchio, PG-rated, 15k, posted 11 August 2008
He grabbed his keys from the counter and pulled open his apartment door, and somehow managed not to react to the fact that Vecchio was standing halfway down the hall, leaning against the wall where the paint was flaking.

Provoked — Fraser/Kowalski, PG-rated, 4k, posted 13 July 2006
"Did you hear that? Did you hear what that scumbag called you?" Ray swelled with fury. "Let me go!"

A Push in the Right Direction — Kowalski/Vecchio, R-rated, 7k, posted 22 December 2006
"Hey Vecchio, your shirt's on backwards!"

Puzzle — Fraser/Kowalski, G, 6k, 14 January 2005
There is, for reasons that Fraser decides not to explore at this juncture, a llama tethered to the photocopier.

The Real Thing — Fraser/Vecchio, NC-17, 14k, posted 10 April 2008
Before he found them, Ray came over with a garishly colored box. "I don't believe this!" he said loudly. "Would you look at that? It's insulting. It's a corn travesty!"

Refugees — Kowalski/Vecchio, R, 70k, posted 1 June 2006
"What? No, Frannie. No! I am not with Kowalski! I am not gay! Jesus, could you concentrate on your own problems? Stella and me called it quits. I needed a place to stay."

Rest Stop — Ben Fraser/Eric, PG, 6k, posted 12 June 2009
Eric's gaze didn't waver from the cityscape. "Who are you calling a thief, Mountie?"

The Road Less Travelled — Fraser/Kowalski, G, 7k, posted 8 October 2006
"Ray," repeated Fraser seriously. "We can turn back if you want to."
Ray came back to the present with a thud. He looked across at Fraser. "Yeah? And then what? We hand over the keys to the dogsled and go our separate ways? Hasta la vista, Ray, no hablo Espaρol, is that it?"

Ruffled Feathers — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 6k, 1 March 2005
Ray stopped dead in his tracks and let his head hang down. It was bleach fumes. It was sleep-deprivation. It was over-exposure to Mounties. He'd finally cracked.

Rush — Fraser/Kowalski, PG-13, 17k, April 2005 as a series of snippets
He can't keep away from that little patch of skin. Has to touch it. It's like a new tattoo, like graffiti: Fraser was here.

Say Goodbye This Time — Vecchio, Fraser/Kowalski, G-rated, 9k, posted 25 December 2006
"Go, get your man," I told him. What I meant was I'll be here. I'll be waiting.

Scenes In and Around a Dead Whale — Fraser/Kowalski, post-CotW, 11k, 8 July 2005
On a rocky shore, a gray shore, lapped by gray waves under a heavy gray sky, a man stands next to a decomposing whale carcass and talks to a wolf.

Science — young!Fraser gen, G, 24k, posted 8 December 2004
"Perhaps, instead of licking your experiments, you could just smell them."

Shedding the Miles Between — Fraser/Kowalski, post-CotW, PG-13, 24k, posted 30 May 2007
By the time I get into Tuktoyaktuk, I feel like I've been driving through snow with zero visibility for sixteen weeks solid. All I want to do is find Fraser, eat something hot, and shut my eyes somewhere warm and stationary.

Side-tracked — Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, R, 9k, 10 June 2009
"You think you can hold off the domestic conversations till after the sex?"

Signed — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 10k, 20 January 2005
"You gonna wear my signature for the rest of the day?"

Silver Lining — PG-rated, 8k, posted 15 March 2006
Ray was sitting on the dusty ground with his back to the wall, leaning his arms on his bent knees, watching the GTO burn.

Sister Maria Explains due South to the von Trapp Children — by Lyra Sena & China Shop, Fraser/Kowalski, R, 4k, 8 February 2005, Necking challenge to the tune of My Favorite Things.

Six Degrees of Ed — Ed Lane, Flashpoint fic, G-rated, 15k, posted 23 July 2008
Canada is really, really small. Scenes from Ed's life.

Sleeping is Believing — Kowalski/Vecchio, PG-rated, 26k, posted 24 December 2008
"Christ, Kowalski, do you think I partnered up with Dewey 'cause I wanted to? Jack was supposed to keep your stupid ass out of this kind of mess." He stopped for breath, and for a moment all he could hear was the slow, steady beep of the heart monitor.

Sleepover — Kowalski/Vecchio, NC-17, 10k, posted 4 June 2007
"Aw, Vecchio—are you having a party while your mom's out of town? That's really cool." Kowalski's voice hummed with amusement.

Snippets and Commentfic — Mostly Fraser/Kowalski.

Snowed In — Kowalski/Vecchio, PG-rated, 8k, posted 25 December 2008
It was stupid being this far apart at Christmas. They should be watching sappy holiday movies together and drinking eggnog, opening each other's presents and making out under the mistletoe. Not snowed in, Vecchio with his family in Chicago and Ray up in Canada.

Soft Arithmetic — Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, NC-17, 31K, 18 September 2005
"He followed us home—can we keep him?"

Speculation — Fraser/Kowalski, R, 22k, 30 January 2005
If I was gay, Ray thinks, I'd want to fuck Fraser.

Spill — Kowalski/Vecchio, R-rated crack based on a dinosaur comic, 24k, posted 21 November 2007
With the regs against interrogation the way they were, that meant there was no way to get the info they needed. Kowalski wheeled away and slammed his hand against the wall.

Stale — Fraser/Kowalski pre-slash, PG-rated, 4k, posted 1 February 2006, post-MotB
Ray hasn't said a word to me since the phonecall: "I socked you. You sock me, we'll be even. No apologies, no regrets. That's how this works, Fraser."

Starting Over — Kowalski/Vecchio pre-slash, G, 5k, posted 17 June 2006
"Chicago PD! Step out of the car," yelled someone a long way off behind him, and Ray swung around and squinted into the slanting afternoon sun to see Vecchio running up to a car that was stopped at some traffic lights.

Stick a Flag on Him and Call Him Mine — Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17 PWP, 17k, posted 27 May 2008
And really, Ray would've given Fraser just about anything at that point. If Fraser had said, "I need to fuck you" or "I need a thousand bucks," either way, Ray would've done whatever it took.

The Sweet Hereafter — Fraser/Kowalski, R, 269k, 30 March 2005, story notes, deleted scenes
Aside from the lack of communication, now that I've had a chance to experience death I find it not so very different from living in Canada.

Taste It, Tell Me — Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, NC-17, 9k, posted 7 September 2007
A couple of times a week, one of us puts our hand over Fraser's eyes and gives him something to taste — something weird or unexpected or complicated or foreign.

Test Drive — Benton "Billy-Bob" Fraser/Ray Kowalski, G-rated, 9k, posted 12 November 2006, set during Pizza and Promises
Stella was out of town. That was really the only excuse Ray could come up with for why he was test-driving a run-down Corvette he had no interest in buying, just because the car salesman was tall, dark and handsome.

Tested — Kowalski/Vecchio, NC-17, 23k, posted 22 July 2006
Ray was driving down South Halsted Street, thinking about condoms, when Vecchio suddenly said, "Hey, slow down a minute!"

This Here Now — Fraser/Kowalski, Kowalski/Vecchio, R, 40k, posted 12 August 2006
"Where you been?" Christ. "It's been two years, Benny! What, you've been living in a snow cave all this time, and you only just decided to make contact with the outside world again now?"

This Is Your Life — Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, NC-17, 54k, posted 25 December 2006
Ray Vecchio nods. "Okay, Fraser. We're taking you home."
"Home?" I think fleetingly of the Northwest Territories, then resign myself to the pomp and formality of the Consulate.
"Our home," says Ray Kowalski. "Come on, you can discover the twenty-first century all over again."

This Year's Vamp — Buffy the Vampire Slayer, NC-17, Spike/Xander, 10 August 2004, Warning: Contains m/m sex and bloodplay
"Spike!" said Xander, over-enunciating to calm himself down. "You took my body. I'd like it back before you break it, or—" He stopped. The possibilities were too frightening to consider.

Thirteenth Nocturne — Fraser/Kowalski, 6k, 15 July 2005
"I'm not in the business." His voice was soft and bitter. "I am the business."

Three and a Half Stetsons — Fraser/Vecchio, G-rated, 10k, posted 19 January 2008
Fraser's Stetson was squashed completely flat and covered with tire tracks and motor oil. "Did Shaw do this? I'm gonna book him so hard he'll get overdue fines."

Three Times Frannie Didn't Take the Hint (and One She Did) — Fraser/Kowalski, G-rated, 11k, posted 21 April 2008
Frannie was reading her psychology text when Ray stopped by her desk. "Hey, Frannie. You know anywhere that sells maple candy in Chicago?"

Three Times Ray Saved Fraser's Ass — Fraser/Vecchio, PG-13, 21k, posted 1 April 2008
"Listen, I called to see if you were free for lunch and Turnbull answered, and he told me about the hormone-laden teen gymnasts, so I thought it was time for a rescue mission and, what do you know—"

Toggles — Fraser/Kowalski, G-rated, 3k, posted 11 March 2007
Fraser and Ray Kowalski on The Daily Show, promoting their book, 10 Ways to Freeze to Death.

Too Close for Comfort — Fraser/Kowalski, PG-13, 9k, posted 20 June 2008
Fraser touched his own face self-consciously, noting the rasp of an imperfect shave. The rough texture felt like a souvenir left by Ray, a reminder that only minutes ago Ray had inhabited this body.

Too Many Cooks — G, no pairing, 12k, posted 24 September 2004
Chase, kitchen, diamonds, thief.

Trust — PG, Fraser/Kowalski, 8k, posted 13 December 2004
"Ray, I'm not going to lie. I'd be putting these men's lives in jeopardy."

Turtles — G, Fraser-Kowalski gen, 5k, posted 28 July 2005
Don't look down.

Two better hemispheres — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 10k, posted 4 May 2005
It was dark, but he knew exactly where he was, his nakedness, and the languor in his limbs being the most obvious, immediate reminders of the night before.

Two for the Price of One — Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, NC-17, 9k, posted 15 April 2006, sequel to House Rules.
He knew he shouldn't do this, not here, but Jesus, it was killing him imagining Kowalski and Fraser together.

Two Men on a Sled (to say nothing of the wolf) — Fraser/Kowalski, G-rated, 7k, posted 31 October 2006, with apologies to Jerome K. Jerome
Ray and I agree that we are overworked, and need rest. — Ray suggests an adventure. — No supermodels in arctic circle.

Two-Thirty A.M. in the Kitchen of Milk and Pasta — Kowalski/Vecchio, PG-13, 12k, posted 17 April 2008
"Come in." Ray put his hand on Kowalski's shoulder. "Take the couch. It's too late to go any further." / Kowalski looked pained. "And wake up in the middle of your family? No, thanks." But he turned off the ignition.

The Underlying Problem — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 7k, 4 March 2005
Since I returned to Chicago a year and a half ago to discover your sudden change in appearance, our relationship has altered rather dramatically.

The Universe Expands — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 12k, posted 12 February 2008
"Frannie's got a ring stuck on her finger." Ray jangled his keys in front of him. "I'm going to get the WD-40 from my car." "Oh, no need," said Fraser, heartily. "I have some lubricant in my belt that should do the trick."

The Unofficial RCMP/CPD International Co-operation and Liaising Recipe Book — Fraser/Kowalski, PG-13, 7k, posted 16 October 2007
Kowalski Flambι / The Whole Benton Fraser Enchilada / Stuffed Fraser with a Frustration-Glazed Kowalski / Canadian Self-Saucing Pudding with Polish-American Chocolate Kisses

Unsolicited Advice — Fraser/Kowalski, Frannie, G-rated, 5k, posted 14 July 2006
"I'm just saying," Kowalski said. "You ever really think what it'd be like to live with Fraser? To really live with him?"

Variations on a Scene — Fraser/Kowalski pre-slash, G, 15k, posted 17 May 2007
"Christ, Kowalski, just—" Detective Garrick's voice rose in exasperation on the other side of the squadroom, and of all the heads swiveling to watch him tower over ASA Kowalski with his flabby chin jutting out, Ray's was by far the fastest.

The Vecchio Problem — Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17, 73k, 15 September 2004
Four weeks into the Vecchio gig, Ray's having trouble getting his head around being undercover longterm. And trouble keeping his hands off Fraser.

Vecchios 101 — Vecchio/Kowalski, Frannie, G-rated, 7k, 10 June 2009
It felt like they were planning a military campaign, not preparing for a family wedding.

Wellington — Fraser/Kowalski, PG, 9k, 6 October 2004
"Remind me what we're doing here again? In New Zealand."

What He Sees In Him — Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio, PG-rated, 7k, posted 10 June 2006
"Oh, please!" She flapped her hand dismissively. "Kowalski's as smug asa bug in a rug, and my brother can't keep his eyes off either of you.It's tattooed all over his face."

What It Is — Fraser/Vecchio, PG, 8.7k, posted 29 August 2006, The Blue Line episode tag
Ray put his hands on his hips and stuck his chin in the air. "You think I don't love you as much as he does?"

What Lies Beneath — 9K, gen, 10 October 2005
"Hey, I don't care," said Ray, raising his hands. "I don't give a fuck what you do, Kowalski."

What will you tell him about me? — Fraser/Vecchio, 7k, post-BDtH, posted 27 December 2005
Three weeks in and I'm still not sleeping.

Where Fall and Winter Collide — Kowalski/Vecchio, PG-13, 28k, posted 25 December 2006
"Yeah, well, this isn't about Fraser either," said Vecchio, sharply, and that was so obviously crapola that Ray didn't even have to call him on it.

Where There's Smoke — G, 10k, 3 April 2005
Why Ray smokes.

A Whey From Home — Fraser/Kowalski, 30k
"Wait a minute. Hold your horses. Heigh-ho Silver." Indignation colored Ray's voice. "Are you telling me Thatcher sent you to Canada to talk to a cheesemaker?"

Would you drive me home? — Fraser/Vecchio, PG-rated, 5k, posted 6 September 2006
Deleted scene from Manhunt; won't make much sense if you haven't seen the episode.

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