Notes: For morebliss, on the occasion of her reading American Idol slash

Every Sperm Line is Sacred
(a song)

by china_shop

There is slash in the world.
There is mpreg.
There is incest and noncon and porn.
There's slash about real people, and
slave AUs and more.

Fandom's often kinky
Fandom knows no bounds
But there's always lines we
Don't cross on moral grounds

This is where my lines were:
MPreg, RPS
Slipped down both those slopes, now
This I must confess

Every line is sacred
Virtuous and svelt
Then you find a fandom
That makes your lines all melt

Every line is sacred
Till you find good fics
They can catapult you
past all your prior squicks

It's not life or death, dear,
It is just gay porn
When you spend some time here
It becomes the norm

Kinks aren't universal
For some they have no charm
But when you get down to it
What really is the harm?

What is lost in freedom?
What costs lassitude?
Does it matter that we
Write things which are quite rude?

My hard line's your blurry one
We can't legislate
A catholic hierarchy
Of squicks and lines and taste.

So we muddle on and
Hold to these great truths:
Be ex'llent to each other
And party onward, dudes.

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