Gloriaverse Index

Mergatrude first came up with the idea of Vecchio as a part-time drag queen, and I wrote it for her, intending it as a joke. It quickly became a labour of love. Since then, the Gloriaverse has grown into a shared creative project between Sageness and me, spanning a ten-year timeframe and various pairings. This is what we've got so far.

Gloria (the alias that you've been living under) — where it all started (Fraser/Vecchio)

My Romance Doesn't Have to Have a Moon in the Sky (a Gloria story) — prequel by Sage (Vecchio/OMC)

Queen's Treasure (Five Things in Gloria's Handbag) — prequel by Sage (Vecchio gen, Vecchio/OMC implied)

Gloria (you're always on the run now) — by me (Fraser/Vecchio)

Gloria (be careful not to show it) — direct sequel to Gloria (you're always on the run now) by me (Fraser/Vecchio)

Gloria (are the voices in your head) — by me (Fraser, Kowalski)

Gloria (will you catch him on the rebound?) — by me (Vecchio/Kowalski)

Gloria (you really don't remember) — by me (Vecchio/Kowalski, Vecchio/Fraser)

Gloria (don't believe it's coming back soon) — by me (Vecchio/Fraser, references to Vecchio/Kowalski and Fraser/Kowalski)

The Longest Year — by Sage (Vecchio/Kowalski, Vecchio/Fraser implied)

Gloria (feel your innocence slippin' away) — by me (Vecchio/Fraser/Kowalski)

Night Out — by special guest star aerye (Vecchio/Kowalski)

Gloria (you don't have to answer) — by me (Vecchio/Kowalski/Fraser, Gloria/Kowalski/Fraser

Gloria (how's it gonna go down?) — by me (Vecchio/Fraser/Kowalski)

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