The Sweet Hereafter — story notes

(the revised, slightly less hysterical version)
by china_shop


This story took nearly 4.5 months to write. Because proper preparation, while it would have prevented poor performance, was perfunctorily passed over. D'oh!

There are two people without whom I'd still be sitting at my computer, staring helplessly at the file going "Oh my god, I'm just too stupid to write this."

Firstly, Miriam, who gave me the plot. Miriam was my lifeline for this, especially in the secondary plot-repair stages. I couldn't have finished this if it hadn't been for her. I'd call her up (while she was packing to move continents) and say, "Gah! Help! What happens in section 23?" (this is after she'd numbered the sections for me), and she'd tell me. Oh, how she rocks. I owe her, like, mansions and castles and buckets of flowers and my firstborn (ha!) and a few years free of pestering. *g*

Secondly, Lyra, who coaxed me through the tertiary minor-surgery stages when I was flailing helplessly. I couldn't see the story anymore: it had been completely reduced in my head to a bunch of nuts and bolts that may or may not have bourne any relation to each other. And so I pestered Lyra, and she was incredibly gracious and patient with my craziness.

Special mention must also go to Serial Karma, who not only betaed this several times over (!!!), but also checked it for egregious cultural faux pas.

Many many huge billions of thanks, also, to my other wonderfulwonderfulwonderful betas, Estrella, and Lynnmonster. Gratitude and relief and great mounds of OMGYouGuysAreSoDamnedWonderful. *loves on y'all bigtime*



Apologies for any liberties I've taken with Native American culture/names/terms — absolutely no offence is intended. Please let me know if I've screwed up!



This started because I wanted to write a due South bodyswap story — I love bodyswaps — but Theodosia had pretty much covered all the Ray/Fraser bases with her great fic, Being Benton Fraser, so I cast around for alternatives. When I hit on swapping Fraser and Bob, I was like: Oooooh, possibilities!

I could go on and on here, obviously. And, yeah, I could probably keep rewriting the story until the End Times. But it's time to stop. Stop and post.


And post.